Adaxis software
6-Axis Slicing Made Accessible

AdaOne is an intuitive slicer that allows you to create multi-axis printing strategies for any geometry in just a few clicks. Developed by Adaxis, it makes robotic 3D printing easy and accessible for everyone. 

Qualified3D resells AdaOne in the US.

No complex coding required

AdaOne covers the entire workflow for robotic 3D printing of metals, plastics, composites and concrete.

AdaOne transforms concepts into reality

Create optimized robot programs with ease

- ABB, KUKA and FANUC support
- Create custom post processors
- Define events, I/Os and external axes
- Export arc movements
- Export layers separately 

Develop advanced path planning strategies

Path planning using angled slicing

Multiple infill strategies by region

Not sure where to begin?

Send us a message and we’ll walk you through it.

Key features

Robot simulation

Import and simulate ABB, KUKA and Fanuc robot arms and positioners. 

Multi-axis path planning

Planar slicing, angled slicing, planar slicing along b-spline, radial slicing, conical slicing, revolved surface slicing etc.

Flexible 3D model support

Support for common mesh based formats (STL, OBJ, 3MF, glTF) and boundary representation format (STEP).

External axis support

Interpolation strategies for 2-axis positioners.

Plan paths by region

Optimize printing of a part, e.g. for performance or weight, by defining zones with custom path planning settings.

Mesh operations

Boolean operations, isotropic and non-isotropic offsetting, and automatic repair.

Robot program customization

Customize robot programs in ABB Rapid, KUKA KRL, FANUC LS, or G-code.

Adapt tool orientation

Generate and optimize tool orientation based on part geometry

Collision detection

Detection of collisions between static and dynamic objects during printing.