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Get professional support when building a digital inventory to save your team time and energy. We use proven tools and streamlined processes to create together an inventory that is relevant for additive manufacturing and easy to implement.

We use and distribute 3YOURMIND's end-to-end on-demand manufacturing solution to identify business cases and manage production.

Clearly identify opportunities

A digital spare parts inventory uses 3D printing technology to produce parts locally, reducing the reliance on a global supply chain and increasing the resilience of the inventory. It allows for the production of parts on demand, reducing the cost of stocking and storing parts subject to obsolescence.

Generate value faster by spending up to 90% less time screening suitable parts. With 3YOURMIND's algorithms, we will thoroughly review the parts inventory, based on technical and economic criteria, to obtain a final report of parts that can be converted, with a clear view of potential savings and operational improvements.

Qualify your parts

Some parts are better suited for conventional manufacturing methods, while others can be manufactured faster, and with better performance using additive manufacturing methods. 3YOURMIND suggests the most appropriate path for each part, enabling you to find the best production methods - sometimes multiple ones - based on specific part requirements.

3YOURMIND offers material suggestions and manufacturing guidelines to aid the qualification process so engineers can validate more parts faster.

Manage your inventory

3YOURMIND enables you to view, order, and distribute parts for production via a network of internal and external suppliers, with real-time pricing functionality. The use of a centralized platform simplifies communications and streamlines the procurement process.

Each part in your catalog is associated with a technical package with detailed materials and process requirements, enabling to produce parts with technology-specific specifications.

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