Lynxter Modular 3D Printers
Silicone printing for all

Lynxter 3D printers are known for their versatility, user-friendliness, and accessibility. These qualities make them a valuable tool for shops of all sizes, as they allow users to quickly and easily process a wide range of materials including true silicone and polyurethane.

Qualified3D distributes Lynxter printers in the Midwest.

Unmatched versatility

Lynxter offers scalable, industrial, open, and versatile multi-process 3D printers. Available with multiple toolhead options, they can print almost any filament, paste or liquid material available on the market. They can also easily be adapted for different printing needs within one same project.

Free form silicone printing

The new S300X printer is dedicated to printing medical and industrial grade RTV2 silicones and polyurethanes. It integrates an additional independent extrusion head for support material, allowing complex geometries to be printed with soluble support structures.

High-capacity material cartridges make it possible to print large parts or several small parts in complete autonomy with fewer material cartridge changes.

Open ecosystem

Lynxter industrial 3D printers are not limited to a specific brand of material. You have the freedom to choose material suppliers that best fits your needs and budget, without being tied down to a particular vendor. The printers come standard with printing profiles for a wide range of common materials.

Original Lynxter materials are also available for common applications:
- Mono and bi-component liquid silicone and polyurethane, LSR, epoxy
- PLA, PP, PA, TPU, PEKK thermoplastic filaments
- Clay paste

Lynxter Printers

S300X (silicone/polyurethane printer)

The S300X is the most efficient printer on the market today to process medical and industrial grade silicones and polyurethanes. It is a compact, reliable and robust industrial silicone 3D printer with integrated support printing technology for full design freedom.

  • Compact and robust
  • IDEX heads for dual component resins + soluble supports
  • Elastomers from 5 to 40 Shore A
  • Heated chamber
S600D (multi-material modular printer)

The S600D is the a powerful and versatile industrial 3D printer capable of printing a wide range of materials including thermoplastic filaments, liquid silicones and ceramic pastes. Its quick-change toolhead technology allows switching toolhead and nozzles in minutes.

  • Filaments (thermoplastics), pastes (ceramics), liquids (silicones)
  • Large print volume (⌀390mm x 600mm)
  • High temperature printing
  • Customizable configuration

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