Automated Design Workflows.
Customize Without The Hassle

We develop automated design tools that let you scale your business with customized products and give your engineers some room to breathe.

Automated design workflows involve using computer software to streamline the design process for creating unique, customized items. These workflows help you sell mass personalized products and grow your business by giving your customers a great experience configuring the products they buy. Your designers can focus on creative and strategic tasks, while your cost structure improves as you reduce repetitive tasks and errors.

Parametric algorithms

We develop parametric algorithms mainly in Rhino/Grasshopper to generate designs based on the input provided by the user, such as dimensions, textures, and functional requirements. Each design can be modified by adjusting the input parameters in a simple interface. The software will automatically the design to reflect the change, taking into account the limitations of your 3D printing process.

We have already developed design algorithms for applications as diverse as:
- Tooling
- Sporting goods
- Concrete structures
- Fashion accessories
- Food products

Scan-to-fit apps

Scan-to-fit apps use a 3D scan or mesh representation as a starting point for design, either by modifying it directly or using it as a reference to create a new design.

We specialize in jigs, fixtures and custom clamping applications. We also develop scan-based workflows for orthopedic and sporting goods applications. Contact us for demos.

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