Meltio Wire-Laser Metal 3D Printers
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Designed for industry without the need for industrial infrastructure, Meltio's metal 3D printing process is a cost-effective technology built around wire. Fast build rates and quick production of parts make it ideal for businesses with tight turnaround times. 

We are the official Meltio distributor for the Midwest. Call us to learn more about Meltio's technology for your CNC machining shop.

High metallurgical quality

Meltio's wire-laser metal deposition process (W-LMD) uses multiple laser beams to melt and deposit metal wire coaxially onto a build platform, layer by layer, to create the desired part. Compared with other Directed Energy Deposition processes, W-LMD delivers an extremely compact heat affected zone which results in a better metallurgical microstructure and near isotropic properties.

The lower heat input and stable process also result in high dimensional accuracy and smooth surface finish, with typically only 1.5mm over thickness.

Easy to implement

Wire is easier to handle and store than other feedstock materials such as powders. Meltio printers can be installed in any manufacturing environment - you will not need to build dedicated facilities.

Training requirements are minimal. Automated toolpath generation and material print profiles supplied by Meltio make for a plug and play experience, even without previous knowledge of metal printing.

Fast ROI

Wire-laser metal deposition achieves top performance while maintaining low running costs. Wire feedstock is a welding commodity. In some alloys the price difference with powder is up to an order of magnitude.

W-LMD also generates less waste than powder 3D printing processes, further reducing costs and improving ROI.

Meltio Products

M450 Printer

An easy-to-install standalone printer that is ideal for small to medium size part fabrication. 

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Multi-material
  • Future-proof 
Meltio Engine Robot Integration

The perfect platform for large and complex 3D printing, repair, cladding and feature addition. 

  • New or existing robot integration
  • Size limited by robot envelope only
  • Cost-effective
  • High complexity geometries
Wire materials

Metal wire is the safest, cleanest and most affordable metal feedstock in the market. 

  • Single or dual wire printing
  • Optimized profiles with Meltio wire
  • Unlimited 3rd party material choice
  • High metallurgical part quality

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