Silicone 3D Printing Service.
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Whether you need that final product manufactured or you’re in the middle of innovation, we’ll create the functional parts you need.

Silicone Technologies

With the largest range of silicone 3D printing processes in the US, we have the technology to make innovation faster, easier, and more affordable. Our industrial and medical grade silicones are UV resistant and have chemical and mechanical properties comparable to injection-molded components.

Liquid Deposition
Stereolithography (DLP)
Dynamic Molding

Liquid Deposition

With Liquid Deposition, RTV2 silicones are extruded onto a building platform to form parts layer by layer. Our standard material is a 40 Shore A medical grade transparent silicone. We offer additional grades from 5 to 50 Shore A with minimum order quantity.

We can print parts with dimensions up to 390mm (15.3") diameter and 600mm height for self-supporting geometries (45° max. overhang). If the geometry requires supports then the maximum printable dimensions become 300x250x200mm (11.8"x9.8"x7.8").

Liquid deposition is particularly well suited for sealing and masking applications in small and medium series.

Source: Spectroplast


Stereolithography (SLA) is perfect for the smallest silicone parts where quality is essential. It produces parts with smooth surfaces and without visible layers, similar in appearance to injection molded parts.

We accept models with dimensions up to 130x70x100mm (5.1"x2.7"x3.9") in grades from 20 to 60 Shore A. Our SLA silicone parts are printed in Switzerland at Spectroplast.

We recommend this process for functional parts in medical device and consumer product applications. 

Dynamic Molding

In Dynamic Molding, printing is carried out within a controlled granular medium (powder) behaving like a dynamic mold in which the manufacturing materials (inks) are distributed. The granular medium supports the material during printing and is self-repairing after each movement of the print head.

This process developed by 3Deus Dynamics allows printing any existing viscoelastic material with full design freedom. Today, it is used primarily for silicone anatomical models. 

True Silicone, True Quality

Innovate faster

Reduce your time to market by ordering multiple versions of a design and accelerate your validation process.

Maintain quality

Stick to true silicone materials and use parts that you know you can trust.

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