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Accelerate your journey into additive manufacturing with specialized 3D printing services, equipment, and software.

3D Printing Services

Design, iterate and qualify your parts right away

3D Printing Equipment

Set up your own in-house manufacturing with premium support.

Software & Consulting

Automate and scale your business with the right tools.

3D Printing Services

3D printed micro turbine impeller next to a match
Micro Metal and Polymer

Ultra-precision steel and photopolymer parts with an excellent surface finish.

3D printed mold core before and after machining
Blanks for CNC Machining

Near-net shape metal blanks in steel, titanium, and nickel alloy grades.

Silicone Parts

High-quality, true silicone 3D printed parts in hardness 15 to 60 Shore A.

Composites and FDM

Durable thermoplastic composite parts reinforced with short or continuous fibers.

Additive Manufacturing Equipment

Qualified3D supports your additive manufacturing capabilities through printing services, equipment sales, and comprehensive training. All our industrial printers:

  • Use open-material platforms
  • Have low running costs
  • Install easily
  • Utilize multiple materials
  • Produce exceptional parts

Meltio is the inventor of wire-laser metal 3D printing, a Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process using multiple lasers and conventional welding wire.

Produce dense parts with a superior microstructure using the M450 Printer and the 6+2 Axis Robotic Systems.

The Lynxter S600D is a versatile 3D printing platform that produces premium results.

The swappable tool heads allow printing thermoplastic filaments, metal and ceramic pastes, and liquid materials such as silicones. 

Additive Manufacturing Software

Your automation is the heart of your manufacturing strategy success.

Enjoy comprehensive consulting services and software solutions to make the most of the technology available. Keep us on board during implementation to prevent slip-ups and make your automation more efficient.

6-axis Slicing & Printing

Reselling and training for ADAXIS, a powerful software for robotic additive manufacturing of metals, plastics, composites, and concrete.

Digital Inventory

Guided analysis and workflow management for any volume of 3D printed parts with the 3YOURMIND software suite.

Mass Customization

Automated design workflows and online sales configurators to scale your business without burdening your engineering team.

Cybersecurity Solutions

IP asset protection and secured communication to manage third-party printing.

At your service. Every step of the way.

Get help for special additive manufacturing projects

No two businesses are the same. From food to homebuilding, we have delivered solutions for a multitude of applications. Upload your model on our quote page or call us to get started on a custom solution.

Start printing yourself when volume grows

Expand your in-house manufacturing the right way. We’ll guide you through choosing the proper equipment and training your team.

Improve the utilization rate of your industrial 3D printing equipment

Add sales channels without increasing workload for your sales and engineering teams. Qualified3D is a leader in AM sales automation and connectors within B2B and B2C marketplaces.

Not sure where to begin?

Send us a message and we’ll walk you through it.

News & Insights

January 26, 2023

Automation Alley showcases micro metal 3D printing applications in space – and on Earth! The article also highlights the lack of DfAM training as a major barrier to the development of advanced additive manufacturing applications.


January 20, 2023

Author Edward Wakefield provides details of the LMM technology used to produce micro metal lattices for the ISS experiment


January 19, 2023

Fabbaloo author Kerry Stevenson mentioned Qualified3D in his detailed article about Metshape’s metal micro 3D printing services.


January 18, 2023

Learn how a student team designed an experiment for the International Space Station and used micro metal 3D printing to make it work.


January 18, 2023

Metal AM magazine covered the ISS micro metal lattice story in a January 18, 2023 article


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